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So your zit is gone. Great! But what about the mark it left behind?

HYPERFADE is an infiltrative patch that lightens and brightens the residual dark spot's appearance after a zit has run its course.

Each patch is layered with 24 self-dissolving microdarts that melt within 2 hours of application, releasing brightening, regenerative ingredients. These ingredients dilute post-zit damage from the inside-out, restoring tone and texture to its former glory, fast. 


12 Microdart HYPERFADE™ patches 



Hyaluronic Acid

This viscous substance and skincare's Fairy Godmother is found in various connective tissue of humans and is a humectant which makes it capable of drawing moisture from its surroundings. This moisture-magnet and conduit for the other synergistic ingredients floods your skin with hydration while helping the lightening, brightening ingredients to reach their destination.


Known as vitamin B3 in some parts, niacinamide co-operates with the natural substances in your skin to shrink the appearance of redness, and clarify the appearance of uneven skin tone. Your skin's calm, logical, level-headed friend, niacinamide can also help to repair signs of damage. Nice,indeed.

Vitamin C

The alias of, ascorbic acid is a dermatologist's favorite that helps to prevent melanin production, which results in the formation of dark spots. Furthermore! Ascorbic acid also does this super-cool thing where it lightens pigmentation but leaves surrounding skin in its natural glory.


Arbutin, which is an extract of the bearberry plant, hinders the formation of melanin which can trigger dark spots. Considering that some melanin is important and healthy to have, Arubtin provides a treatment that’s banaler, but comprehensive when used with HYPERFADE's peer ingredients.


TXA is a synthetic sister of the amino acid, lysine. This industrious yet gentle ingredient brightens skin and improves the appearance of dark spots and discoloration by dialing down the production of melanin, the pigment that darkens skin. TA works extra, extra well as brightener when combined with vitamin C or koji acid (a trifecta that will never keep you in the dark), both of which exist in HYPERFADE.

Kojic Acid

A natural acid derived from various fungi, kojic acid is a natural skin brightener that is able to inhibit the enzyme tyrosinase, which is what triggers the production of melanin, the thing that darkens skin. Better still, the effects of kojic acid are enhanced when used alongside tranexamic acid and vitamin C, two other key players in the HYPERFADE patch.

Licorice Root Extract

This natural substance interrupts the enzymes that activate melanin production, making it a superlative skin whitener. Not only does it help to fade existing dark spots, it's uncannily capable of helping to block future dark spots from forming.

Additional ingredients: Macadamia (ternifolia) seed oil, citric acid, aqua (water).