Skincare is not just about what you do, it’s also about how you do your beauty steps. We all know that a healthy complexion is achieved through the right blend of products and ingredients, but how do you determine what your regimen actually looks like?

You turn to the experts.

And nobody is more expert than celebrity estheticians, who help our favorite A-listers achieve their star-worthy appearances that never seem to age. So we spoke to Candace Marino, beauty expert and founder of Association of CA Estheticians to learn what she recommends to her star-studded clientele. Read on for her tips…

best Esthetician skincare tips anti aging beauty

Candace told SheFinds that your skincare routine is all about following the right steps, and using the right products through each step.

"For starters, people need to be thoroughly cleansing their skin," she explained. "Youthful, smooth complexions begin with clean skin. Without cleansing the skin, we allow for dead cellular debris to build up in the pore which congests the skin, inhibits product absorption and leads to a dull lifeless complexion. Cleansing is number one. I'm a huge fan of the Restorsea Pro Foaming Enyzme Cleanser which helps to deep clean and brighten the complexion without being stripping. "

She added, "Next, we need to ensure the skin is properly exfoliated. We should do an exfoliating peel, mask or scrub 2-3x a week to keep the skin healthy and radiant. I love the Nordic Relief Peel pads from Skyn Iceland for gentle chemical exfoliation. Jan Marini SkinZyme Mask for enzymatic exfoliaton and iS Clinical Tri Active Exfoliating masque when you want to feel a bit of a scrub, it uses gentle microbeads that dissolve and wont tear the skin. "

best Esthetician skincare tips anti aging beauty

She added, "Acids are your friend, and we want to incorporate them into any routine to help mildly resurface the skin; they’re also super brightening and antiaging. iS Clinical Active Serum is a staple for myself and my clients because it acts as a retinol without having any of the retinol side effects that cause redness and sensitivity. It also strengthens the skin and helps stimulate collagen production."

September 27, 2021 — kristen bromiley
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