The beauty world has made space for a wave of marine ingredients like seaweed, saltwater, fish collagen, and sea buckthorn in recent years. But one ingredient that's been here for a minute, needs no introduction, and has a plethora of skin revitalizing benefits is Dead Sea algae, also known as Dunaliella Salina.

The saltwater-grown algae is nutrient rich and will revitalize your skin on top of a variety of other skin-loving benefits — trust us.

So if you're finding your skin to be dull, dry, and lacking that desired natural glow, you may want to give it a try. And thankfully, a few skin experts shared exactly what Dead Sea algae is — and how it can revitalize your skin like no other. 

What Is Dead Sea Algae? 

Dead Sea algae is a special type of microalga that is specific to the Dead Sea. Like other algae, it grows in saltwater and contains multiple skin benefits. Celebrity facialist and aedical aesthetician Candace Marino explains that algaes are extremophiles, meaning they thrive in harsh environmental conditions and are able to survive and multiply by their ability to heal themselves. The rare algae can only be found in the Dead Sea in the Middle East.

Joshua Ross of SkinLab says that this type of algae forms when there are large rainfalls over the Dead Sea causing the salt concentration to lower, allowing the algae to bloom. "The unique microbes found in the dead sea are what makes this form of algae special," explains Ross. 

What Does Dead Sea Algae Do For Our Skin, Exactly?

Dead Sea algae is key to revitalized, healthy skin. In general, algae has some amazing antioxidant properties, which is vital for good skincare. The ingredient works to soothe the skin and has UV-absorbing and amino acid properties that help with brightening, hydrating, moisturizing, and delivering anti-aging benefits.

Maegan Griffin, MSN-NP-C, founder of Skin Pharm, says that using algae or seaweed in skincare is becoming increasingly popular, as many of us are looking to use products with more natural ingredients.

"Marine plants have been used in natural skin remedies for centuries by many different cultures around the world," she says. "Dead Sea algae are rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, and lipids and are deemed safe in cosmetics, too."

Marino also shares that the beta carotene found in algae produces vitamin A (aka retinol), which helps promote cell turnover and stimulates new skin cell production and collagen, while promoting skin healing. Most importantly, it strengthens the skin's lipid barrier, balances the skin's microbial levels, and improves the skin's PH. 

How Do I Incorporate Dead Sea Algae Into My Skincare Routine?

When finding a product with Dead Sea algae, Ross says that it is important to pay attention to the entire ingredient formulation as any one buzzworthy ingredient alone will not outweigh potentially other harmful ingredients that could be combined with this hero ingredient. 

However, Griffin shares that there are still many clinical studies and trials that need to be conducted to fully understand Dead Sea algae and its effect on cell signaling pathways. More research will also lead to better quality cosmetic products, as consumers should still be wary of companies and products and where they source these ingredients.

Regardless of the lack of studies, if you're looking to incorporate the ingredient into your routine, begin by choosing a product that will best suit your skin and always start off slow (think two days a week to start, then working your way up from there). And when in doubt, always contact a dermatologist first.

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