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Even as states start to reopen in phases after the coronavirus, things aren't going to go back to normal immediately. As places like beauty salons and spas prepare to accept customers again, there's going to be a little bit of a learning curve for both customers and industry professionals.

Along with other new restrictions to help keep everyone safe, beauty service appointments will most likely involve wearing a face mask for the foreseeable future. This works for things like manicure or pedicure appointments, but what about appointments that physically don't allow for keeping your face covered? Like facials. Los Angeles-based celebrity aesthetician Candace Marino explains what the future looks like for salons and how to go for your facial appointments safely.


After your state announces that spas and salons are allowed to reopen their doors, you can expect the facilities near you to up their already-strict and lengthy safety protocols. "Facial rooms at quality skin-care clinics have always been a safe space," Marino told POPSUGAR. "Estheticians are required by law to adhere to medical grade sanitizing protocols. We use hospital-strength disinfecting solutions that kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses." Because of the nature of the job, this is not only important for customers, but also the skin specialists. "Generally speaking, facialists are hyper-sensitive to cleanliness," said Marino. "Not only do we want to protect our clients from all pathogens, but when you work in close proximity to clients all day, you really need to be protecting yourself to ensure your own health and safety."

In addition to upping their sanitation measures, many spas are also limiting the number of clients allowed in the office at a given time and encouraging people to regularly sanitize their hands. At Marino's office, they've gotten creative with new disinfectant measures. "My office has invested in UV lamps that disinfect and kill viruses on all surfaces, so this is one thing we're implementing to take extra care in the rooms between clients and overnight for the entire office," she said.


Much like dermatology appointments concerning your face, wearing a face covering for the full duration of a facial would be impossible, but that doesn't mean you should leave your mask at home. "I'm assuming we will all be required to wear masks, and then obviously, the client will have to unmask during the facial, while the facialist remains masked," said Marino.

But clients will only be able to unmask after they've undergone a health check. "I've seen my colleagues in other states who have been able to reopen taking temperatures before allowing clients in the door," said Marino. "And masks are required up until they are in the bed for their facial." After your appointment has concluded, the mask will go back on and you'll be on your way. (A small inconvenience for your health.)

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May 13, 2020 — Candace Marino